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Recycling Connections is partnering with the City of Stevens Point to host a mattress recycling event at the City of Stevens Point Recycling. Residents must sign up to drop their mattress(es) off on May 25th from 10 am-2 pm. We are allowing 150 mattresses for this event due to limitations in the truck available for transportation. Mattresses will be delivered to 7 Rivers Recycling in La Crosse, the only mattress recycler in Wisconsin. Participating residents must sign-up in advance and indicate the time they will be dropping off your mattress(es). This is a four-step process.

  1. Sign Up by selecting a time slot that works for you.

  2. Pre-pay online (preferred), but cash is allowed on the day of drop-off.

  3. You will receive an email confirmation and instructions.

  4. On May 25th, you will bring your mattresses to drop off at your scheduled time for recycling.

The fee to recycle your mattress and/or box spring is $10/unit, prepay today at or pay on-site day of CASH ONLY.

Limitations do apply:

  • Only a total of 150 units will be accepted.

  • We will not accept any excessively soiled or infested mattresses.

  • No crib mattresses.

Questions: Please contact

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Did you know? Around twenty million mattresses wind up in the landfill each year in the United States.


Why Recycle your mattress?

  • Mattresses typically contain non-biodegradable materials, such as metal springs and synthetic fabrics. These materials take an exceptionally long time to decompose in landfills or they don’t breakdown at all. This contributes to the longevity of the landfill itself and adds to space constraints. 

  • Approximately 75% of a mattress contains materials that are recyclable or can be repurposed. Discarding them in landfills is a missed opportunity for resource recovery and sustainable waste management.

  • Mattresses often incorporate flame retardants and other chemicals for safety and durability. When these chemicals leach into the soil and water through the decomposition process, they may contaminate the surrounding environment, posing risks to both ecosystems and human health.

  • Mattresses are a problem material in landfills because of the limited landfill space. Landfills are typically located in lower income, rural communities. Because mattresses are so bulky, they take up more space in the landfill! Recycling your mattresses increases the longevity and stops the spreading of landfills.

Thank You Sponsors & Supporters

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