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Education& Outreach Services

Helping communities recycle right, compost more, and reduce waste through outreach,
education, social media, and programming. 

We help build better stewards for our world, from ages 0 - 99!  



Recycling Connections is a Recognized Provider within Green & Healthy Schools Wisconsin. 

We are experts in Recycling & Waste Management. We serve as the Focus Area Contact for schools to answer your recycling & waste management questions.


We provide support in the following areas: 

  • School waste reduction consultation

  • Support for cafeteria waste management improvement

  • Establishing / improving school recycling programs 

  • Composting / organics diversion consultation

  • Waste audit / composition study

No-Cost Services
  • Initial phone meeting

  • Grant writing assistance for Carton Council Grants

  • Email conversations & resource sharing

  • Remote project assistance

  • One on-site visit/meeting*

* Within 50 miles of Stevens Point. Mileage requested for further distances

Fee-Based Services

Our fee-based services come after we have had phone conversations to discuss school needs and pair them with suitable Recycling Connections services. Paid services include: 

  • On-site project planning and implementation

  • Compost Programs

  • Cafeteria Waste Reduction

  • School-Wide Recycling

  • Training sessions/workshops

  • On-site waste audit

Exact costs are calculated and quoted based on school needs. 

For a list of curated school resources on waste and recycling, CLICK HERE.

Community Outreach

We provide your community with information that helps residents:

  • Reduce contamination in recycling streams

  • Reduce food waste and compost at home

  • Understand where their waste and recycling goes and how it is managed

  • Gain tips for living more sustainably and environmentally friendly

Ask About Our Presentation Options

Offering professional presentations for your community or business on topics related to waste reduction, waste diversion, recycling, and composting. Presentations are 30-45 minutes plus a Q&A. Discounted rates available for non-profits organizations, schools, and agencies. Face-to-face or online delivery options are available. 

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