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Green & Healthy Schools Wisconsin

Recycling Connections is a provider within the Green & Healthy Schools Wisconsin

network. We are here to assist with the recycling and waste management focus area.


Green & Healthy Schools Wisconsin has a mission to empower, support, & recognize

schools for nurturing healthy kids and sustainable communities. 


This program provides information, resources, and announcements for all school staff,
community members and others interested in green and healthy initiatives and activities

for Wisconsin schools.


There are great ideas and stories on Green & Healthy Schools Wisconsin Focus Area - Recycling & Waste Management Page to learn about best practices in school recycling and waste management. 

We are happy to meet with your school and discuss options to assist with the following:

  • Waste audit/composition study

  • Establishing/improving recycling programs

  • Waste reduction in the cafeteria and throughout the school

  • Composting


For ideas, resources, and tips to advance your school recycling and waste management, visit our "Schools Page." CLICK HERE 

To learn more about how we can help you with your GHS solid waste & recycling initiatives contact us today...

Karin Sieg, Executive Director - karin(at)                                       

Susan Schuller, Development, Education, & Outreach Coordinator- susan(at)

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