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Waste Solutions that Work for You. Contact us to help your business, organization, school, or community with waste reduction and diversion options.

Working with Various Sectors to Reduce Waste

Whether you are a local government trying to communicate with your residents about recycling, or a business seeking more sustainable packaging options, Recycling Connections is here to help. Our services support businesses, agencies, non-profits, schools, individuals and local governments.

Waste Diversion

Our consultations specifically address waste reduction, reuse opportunities, and recycling efficiencies at your site.


Working smarter, not harder. Recycling Connections can help review hauling contracts and onsite operations to identify opportunities for cost savings and operational efficiencies. 

Education & Outreach

We develop effective outreach campaigns to shift behaviors at your facility or business, and increase your waste diversion opportunities. Let us design your educational materials and messaging for your special events or venues.

Let's Talk

Every contract starts with a brief conversation. We then prepare a customized service proposal based on your project goals and expected outcomes. Service fees may be adjusted for non-profits and schools.


Waste Characterization Study
NWTC 2021 - 2022


NWTC has ambitious waste reduction goals to achieve by 2025. RC is helping them by conducting waste characterizations studies on various departments to establish baseline data and identify diversion opportunities for their waste. 


In 2019, Recycling Connections presented to a variety of different sectors, example: Allure Beauty Salon in Stevens Point to provide guidance to staff on waste and recycling in the beauty industry.

June 2019, Executive Director, Karin Sieg, presented to RPE, Inc, a multi-billion dollar business specializing in growing potatoes and onions in Central Wisconsin, providing information on packaging options and responsible labeling. See presentation slides to the right. 

March 2020, Recycling Connections conducted a waste assessment of Stevens Point Orthopedics' facility and prepared a presentation for staff with a follow-up presentation to their Green Team in March 2021.  

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