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Near Zero

Create Connections, not Waste.  

Waste Events

Why Near Zero?

Because there is no such thing as absolute zero waste.
All actions have impact.

The idea is to be as efficient as possible to minimize impact.
And we are here to help you. 

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Share Your Mission & Impact with your guests!

Official Certified Near Zero Events
receive media content ready to be included in your preparation and invite materials. 

1. DIY Consultation (Free)

Choose From Our Three Services


FEE: $0


Do It Yourself service.

FEE: $100+


Set up and retrieval of "Waste Stations"

FEE: $500+


All hands on deck full service with personnel 


Comprehensive Services

Explore the possible impact you can create for your next event.  
Begin by scheduling a (No Sales Push)

Free 30-minute consultation.
We can help you determine which service or Free DIY options can be used for your event.

DIY & Free Consultation

The "Do It Yourself" Service is FREE.

Schedule a FREE 30-minute consultation
We will share tips and ideas for reducing your impact, recycling at your event, and composting options. Fill out a simple form to tell us more about your event, then someone will be contacting you within 3-5 days to set up a phone meeting.

Japanese restaurant

Japanese restaurant

Food Fair

Food Fair

Outdoor Dinner Party

Outdoor Dinner Party

Outdoor Dinner

Outdoor Dinner

Wedding Table Set

Wedding Table Set

Wedding Table

Wedding Table









How can we help facilitate your next event to be

Near Zero Waste? 


Sustainable weddings ensure you share your day with your guests, while reducing your impact. 

Waste Station & Bin Services

For a minimal fee, we will set up helpful and educational "waste stations" at your event. We provide the waste station's signage and collection bins. Haul away service of the compostable materials is included! 

Click "Event Inquiry" to tell us more about your event. A staff member will respond within 3-5 days. 

2. Bin Servicing ($100+)

Midwest Renewable Energy Fair 

Diverted 700 lbs of compostable material 


Starting at $500

For events that need some extra hands. Education, signage, bins, reusable ware, staff, and hauling services can all be provided for your event.

Build awareness and serve as a model to others for your commitment to a

near-zero waste event. 

Click "Event Inquiry" to tell us more about your event. A staff member will respond within 3-5 days. 

3. Comprehensive Services ($500+)

Sustainable Tableware Options

Tableware is essential when serving guests food and beverages.  This component of events can also lead to extensive and needless waste!  Explore our options below and schedule a consultation to ensure your event is Near Zero Waste!


Provide reusable dishware items for serving your guests. 

Using reusables reduces GHG (Green House Gas) emissions by eliminating items needed to be landfilled, or even recycled.

We have a stock of sterilized reusable items for your next event.  We can also connect you with various vendors to find the exact reusable ware you seek.


Many disposable, single-use items are not biodegradable in current sanitary landfills.  Some may break down, but still into microplastics or particles that pollute water and food sources.  

We have a stock of sustainable single-use products, PFAS-Free (Click Here for more info). 
Using these items ensures your single-use products will complete a full-circle journey, and become compost for a local organic farm.

Reusable or Suustainable Single-Use?

Near Zero Waste services
is made possible through coordination with our amazing partners!


Bucket Ruckus Compost

Our services are made possible through a partnership with Bucket Ruckus Compost is a great company that works to divert your scraps from landfill disposal and make great compost.

Support of Local Organic Farmers

Compost from Bucket Ruckus is used at a local organic farm in a sustainble way, and improving their soil structure.

Partner with our experienced team today!


Together we can reduce waste, create a positive impact,  and spread sustainability!

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Let's partner to reduce waste!

The first step is to complete the Event Inquiry Form.


To help us better serve you, please complete this event survey that gives us more information on the event you are planning.


This does not commit you to anything and is non-binding.


It provides us with more details of the planned event so we can prepare for your specific needs, budget and preferences.

Complete the form (3-5 minutes), and a representative will contact you. 

Schedule A Free Consultation
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