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Recycling Connections

Connecting people, resources, and communities to promote waste reduction, reuse, recycling, and resource conservation. 

Near ZERO WASTE Events

We are now scheduling summer events for our Near Zero Waste Services. Learn how you can maximize your diversion rate and minimize your impact at your next event. 

Composting Webinar
Recording Now Available

Think Spring! New to backyard composting or not, we help increase your confidence of saving food and yard scraps to turn it all into nutrient-rich soil amendment. Watch the Recording from April 19, 2023.

Ready to Start Backyard Composting?

Composting year-round is a great way to divert your food waste from the landfill, and reuse your Fall leaves to make a nutrient-rich soil amendment for gardening. 

Recycling Connections has the best backyard compost bin to help make composting easy!

Go to our Store to purchase your Home Composter™ today. Order online and pick-up at our downtown office location.

Apart from the free survey software, we also have access to QuestionPro's free survey templates . We've found many of them useful and powerful to collect insights from various stakeholders of our organization.

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