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Offering you the power of group purchasing!

Over 23,500 Home Composters Sold!


Purchasing Power


Join the Compost Bin Group Purchase Program 

Recycling Connections coordinates an annual ‘bulk’ purchase of the Home Composter™ compost bins on behalf of municipalities, organizations or groups interested in selling compost bins as a way to promote backyard composting and assist with climate or other sustainability goals. The Home Composter™ is only available through non-profit/municipal organizations, it is not sold at retail stores. The base price for each bin depends on the total group order There is a slight increase in pricing due to labor costs from the manufacturer, but pricing should be around $50-$55/bin. 

Recycling Connections offers over 20 years of experience in organizing community compost bin sales and this group purchase program. As part of the program, participants receive support materials for local sales, including templates for flyers, ads, news releases, and tips for delivering your community program. There will be a few free webinars Recycling Connections will provide that can be shared with your community and customers. You set your own bin sale price to help you meet your community goals, divert more waste, and reduce impact on landfills. 

New offerings: (Please review the Program Guide below for more information about our new offerings)

  1. Now offering our program to communities Nationwide! Pricing varies depending on your location.  

  2. Online pre-sales option. Contact us for more details as we are limited on the communities we are able to offer this for.  

We will be opening 2024 program participation options in the Fall 2023. To be added to the interest list, please email

2024 Group Bin Purchase Program Guide 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why the Home Composter Backyard Bin? CLICK HERE to learn how it compares to other backyard compost bins.

View participating communities where you can purchase the “Home Composter” compost bin. CLICK HERE 


Partnering Community Testimonial

“Our expanded Backyard Composting Program with bins from Recycling Connections has been a huge success! Participants are self-reporting the number of pails they fill, and so far we are at over 11,000 pails of food scraps collected and put in compost bins! Hard to tell for sure, but we estimate this to be about 40,000 pounds kept out of the garbage.

Thank you for your working in making these kinds of programs possible – it is so fun to be able to tell residents that they are part of making a BIG impact!”

-Cedar Walters, Otter Tail County Solid Waste Department, MN

About the Home Composter

This is the best backyard compost bin available!

It is simple to use, has a huge capacity for yard material and food waste, and is made of 100% recyclable material. It is not sold in retail stores.

Special Features: 

  • It is attractive

  • 100% recycled plastic

  • Black color absorbs heat quickly

  • 128 gallon capacity (can hold six to eight 30-gallon bags of yard material)

  • Easy to use & simple to assemble

  • Wide opening at the top for easy management

  • Long-lasting

  • A door that slides open at the bottom gives you easy access to finished compost without emptying entire bin

  • A tight, well-vented lid with latch deters pests

  • Comes with a copy of the book "The Composting Cookbook"


Each composter consists of two sides with sliding doors, four clips, and a locking lid. Also included is an instruction sheet and Home Compost Cookbook with each purchase.

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