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STEVENS Point'S schools


Recycling Connections and the City of Stevens Point Public Utilities Department are offering schools an opportunity to design, install, and use a school rain garden (or native prairie garden).

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The goal is to have a rain garden (or native prairie garden) demonstration site at schools in the City of Stevens Point to show the benefits of using native plants for stormwater management.

There are many benefits of rain gardens such as:

  • improving groundwater

  • protecting streams and lakes

  • preventing flooding

  • aesthetics

  • supporting pollinators


This is an 18-month program that offers schools the support they need to fully fund the installation of a rain garden or native garden at a local school, and for learning ways to use the garden for teaching opportunities.


Funds to the school includes:

  • staff support for proper site placement,

  • expert advice on design suited for the school,

  • coordination for a planting day in May 2023,

  • garden supplies,

  • purchase of native plants,

  • a compost bin,

  • garden signs, and

  • professional development to use the garden for lesson integration opportunities. ​


Schools will submit a letter of interest to Recycling Connections to explain why your school would like to install a garden at your location. Program Requirements:

  • Be a school in the City of Stevens Point (public or private)

  • Submit a letter of interest
    by November 1, 2022 

  • List a team of at least 4 people at your school to be on the leadership team for this project (incl. teachers, administrators, staff, students, and/or parents)

    • Each team must have at least 2 teachers​

  • Email your letter of interest to ​


After the selected school(s) are announced in the fall 2022, the 18 month support begins:

January 2023 – Team Meeting: Overall school goals and program explanation

February 2023 – Team Meeting: Site Planning & Design

March 2023 – Team Meeting: Site Planning & Plant Selection

April 2023 – Team Meeting: Coordinating Volunteer Day & Summer Maintenance Schedule

May/Early June 2023 – The Planting Day (exact date TBD)

Summer – Watering Schedule and Monthly Weeding

August 2023 - Using the Garden Workshop. Set objectives for using the garden with different classes.

Fall 2023 - Seed Collecting & Professional Development/guest speakers as requested

January/February 2024 - Team Meeting: Planning for spring event

March/April 2024 - Team Meeting: Planning for spring garden celebration and plan for summer maintenance 

May 2024 - Garden Tour & School Celebration

This program provides access to guest speakers and support lessons as needed and requested by the school.

Photo credit on images used on this webpage: Susan Schuller

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Green & Healthy School Team at Madison Elementary

Stevens Point, WI

Submit your letter of interest by November 1, 2022 - CLICK HERE
? Contact or call 715-343-0722


This is a partnership project between the City of Stevens Point Public Utilities and Recycling Connections with the additional community partners listed here: