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Single Use

Current Inventory Available


Ask us about purchasing options, bulk pricing or vendor connections to find the right
PFAS-Free options for your event and budget! 

Reusable or Suustainable Single-Use?

Boats - EcoProducts

2lb Weight

Top Dimensions: 6.5 x 5in

Bottom Dimensions:4.5 x 2.75in

Height: 1.5in


Eco Gecko Plate

Currently available:10' and 6'

Eco-Gecko manufactures products that are mainly made of wood, designed to give a splinter-free and smooth experience to all of their customers. 


Boats - EcoProducts

3lb Weight

Top Dimensions:8 x 6in

Bottom Dimensions:5.5 x 3in  

Height: 2in

PFAS-Free is a requirement to guarantee acceptance for compost. 

We offer discounted rates for PFAS-Free products, which are known to be durable, dependable, quality and, notably, fully compostable and circular consumption. 

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Near Zero Waste services
is made possible through coordination with our amazing partners!


Bucket Ruckus Compost

Our services are made possible through a partnership with

Bucket Ruckus Compost is a great company that works to divert your scraps from landfill disposal.

Support of Local Organic Farmers

Your waste goes to local organic farming for processing.  Contributing to full circle use , soil structure and sustainability.

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Let's partner to reduce waste!

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It provides us with more details of the planned event so we can prepare for your specific needs, budget and preferences.

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