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 Home Composter Bin Pre-order Sale

Door County, Wisconsin

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Door County is proud to offer residents a convenient pre-purchase / pick-up compost bin sale. The sale features a highly-rated compost bin, The Home Composter. Recommended by expert composters, the Home Composter is easy to assemble, long-lasting, made from 100% recycled materials, and is NOT available in stores. 

The Door County Compost Initiative, The Climate Change Coalition of Door County, and Sturgeon Bay Utilities have generously subsidized the cost of the bins this year to encourage Door County residents to compost in their backyards!

  • When do I pick up my order? Purchases must be picked up on Thursday, April 25th or Friday, April 26th at one of three pick-up locations, as seen below. An email will be sent to you closer to the pick-up dates for you to sign up for one of three locations that you'd like to pick up your bin at.


LOCATION 1: Public Works Office, 835 N 14th Ave, Sturgeon Bay, WI. 54235  

Pick-up: Thursday, April 25th, 7AM- 3PM OR Friday, April 26th, 8AM-Noon


LOCATION 2: Village Office, 7860 S 42, Egg Harbor, WI 54209       

Pick-up: Thursday, April 25th, 8AM-4PM OR Friday, April 26th, 8AM-4PM


LOCATION 3: Corner of the Past Museum, 10310 Fieldcrest Rd., Sister Bay, WI, 54234

Pick-up: Thursday, April 25th, 10AM-3PM OR Friday, April 26th, 10AM-3PM

  • How do I pick up my order? Customers will be sent a link to schedule their pick-up location on Thursday, April 25th or Friday, April 26th at one of three pick-up locations. An email will be sent closer to the pick-up dates.

  • Where do I pick up my order?  At one of the three locations listed above in Door County. An email will be sent to you closer to the pick-up dates for you to sign up for one of three locations that you'd like to pick up your bin at.

  • Do you have questions about this order?

      Contact Markie at, or 608-825-1761.

This is a partnership between Door County and Recycling Connections. 

Home Composter $48.00 

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Home Composter
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About the Home Composter

This is the best backyard compost bin out there. It is simple to use, has a huge capacity for yard material and food waste, and made of 100% recyclable material. It is not sold in stores. Click here to see a Comparison Chart to other popular compost bins.

Special Features: 

  • It is attractive

  • 100% recycled plastic

  • Black to absorb heat quickly

  • 128 gallon capacity (can hold six to eight 30-gallon bags of yard material)

  • Easy to use, simple to assemble and move if you need

  • Long-lasting

  • A door that slides open at the bottom giving you easy access to finished compost without emptying entire bin

  • A tight lid keeping pests out; yet is well vented to decompose organic material well.


Each composter comes consists of two sides with sliding doors, four clips, and a locking lid.

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