Near Zero Event Services

Do you want to reduce your footprint at your next event? We are here to help.


Why "Near" Zero? Because there is no such thing as absolute zero waste. All actions have impact. The idea is to be as efficient as possible to minimize impact. And we are here to help you. 


We provide different levels of service to match your pocket book and save you time. There are three levels of service we provide. 

Options & Pricing

Domestic Waste Bin

DIY Service

The "Do It Yourself" Service is FREE. Call us for a FREE 30-minute consultation. We will share tips and ideas for reducing your impact, recycling at your event, and composting options.



Compost Pickup Service

Pick Up /

Drop Off

For a minimal fee, let us haul the your waste, recycling, and compost for you. We take care of the bins, signage, and hauling needs. You will be provided a contact person.. 


$100 +


All Hands

on Deck

For events that need some extra hands. Education, signage, bins, reusable ware, staffed washing station, and hauling services are provided for your event. Build awareness of waste and serve as a model for committing to a near zero event. 


$500 +

6-6-19 first Levitt (2).jpg
Diverted 200 lbs of compostable material during Levitt Amp Concerts in Stevens Point, WI in 2019