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Category:1967 births Category:Living people Category:French composers Category:French male composers Category:French record producers Category:Academics of the Conservatoire de Paris Category:Conservatoire de Paris alumni Category:Academics of the Guildhall School of Music and DramaGeorge W. Norris on Taxes, Bonds and Baseball Mr. President, I ask unanimous consent that Senator Norris be permitted to speak for a few moments. The PRESIDING OFFICER. Without objection, so ordered. Mr. NORRIS. Mr. President, I want to say a few words about taxes. The tax rates we have now are the worst we have had in many years. But if we had the kind of tax rates proposed by the administration, the tax burden would be increased 100 percent. For example, it is now possible for a man to earn $5,000 and pay $1,200 a year for income tax. But the proposed bill will increase the tax rate for him so he will pay $2,500 a year. It would be the same in the case of a man who earns $20,000 a year. It would be $5,000 a year under the administration plan, but $10,000 a year under the administration plan. Now, how many of you are happy about that? The poor man, of course, is the most helpless, and he is to be taxed out of existence. But the rich man is just as helpless, and he is to be taxed out of existence. They have the resources, but the people who have the resources are going to be taxed out of existence. There is a thing that I want to say about the proposed tax plan. I have no use for any class of citizen who thinks he can fix taxes. It is out of the power of any man, whatever his income, to fix taxes. You can’t fix a tax of any kind. The only question you can raise is, “Is the tax on that particular commodity or product or occupation or income sufficient to pay the necessary expenditures of the government?” But all these people who are for raising the taxes on the rich and charging them in the newspapers that they are responsible for all the trouble of the country, don’t realize that the reason they are so poor is because they are in debt. The point is the same as I made in my letter to Secretary Mellon.




Telecharger Logitrace V12 47
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